Richard Smith

Richard Smith’s career in Hospital Radio began in his native Nottingham in 1985 with, funnily enough Nottingham Hospitals Radio. In his 6 years at the station in which time he became Deputy Station Director, Richard presented all sorts of programmes and was particularly proud of his contribution to the work of the sports ‘team’ at NHR commentating on both his beloved Notts County and Nottingham Forest as well as the odd cricket match from Trent Bridge!

Having left NHR in 1991, after a couple of years ‘off’ for good behaviour, Richard began to get the urge to do radio again and this time he and another couple of friends and former members of NHR decided that the Ilkeston Community Hospital in nearby Derbyshire needed a radio station. After a few weeks and months convincing the powers that be that this was a good idea, they were given the go ahead to raise funds for the new station which went on air for the first time on 21 July 1995 with Richard uttering the first words “It’s for you on channel two, welcome to Radio Robin”.

Richard was Station Manager at Radio Robin until 2000 and after a very successful RSL ‘Radio Robin FM’, he announced that he was moving away from the area.

In 2003 Richard suffered a serious road accident in which he lost his right leg and having spent a few months in recovery hit upon the idea of doing a music show called The A to Z of Pop which would feature artists and songs that begin with the same letter of the alphabet.

Richard says “It was an idea that was given to me some years earlier at Nottingham when one of the trainers said that if you were short of a feature during a show, go to the library of records and play three or four songs that start with the same letter!”

From that little acorn came an array of programmes we use on a regular basis here on Bay Trust Radio featuring some of the best music ever to grace the charts, as well as some that didn’t.

Away from the station, family man Richard enjoys listening to music and creating new ideas for the programmes.

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