John Williamson

I was born in the Midlands back in 1958 and had a very happy childhood and adored my parents.

I left school at 15 the last ones before the age was raised to 16.

I remember the days when radio changed in 1967 from the light radio to radios 1 and 2 and local radio starting in Derby in April 1971.

I just loved music i was top of the class in music exams and I was in the school choir something that I wished I had continued.

Eventually, I went and did some voluntary work at BBC Radio Derby and learned the art of interviewing and if I remember correctly I used a Studer Field Reporter ¼” reel to reel machine it was a very heavy and you knew you had it on your shoulder.

Editing the interview was not an easy task and a razor blade was used to splice the tape down something that wouldn’t happen today.

Over 30 years ago I moved to the Lake District and just fell in love with the area I joined the then Kendal Hospitals Radio now Bay Trust Radio and I have over the years seen many changes all in my option for the better.

So, 2018 is a milestone for me as I reach the age of 60 and I still have many ideas for Bay Trust Radio but I must remember to slow down.

So don’t forget to join me when I’m on air.


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