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Blackpool Central Revealed As One Of The Most Polluted Beaches Across England

Written by on 10/05/2023

As ocean advocates and supporters of UK charity, The Marine Conservation Society, the brand manufactures 100% plastic-free kitchen roll and toilet paper.

With many British coastlines being negatively impacted by contamination and pollution, Oceans has collated data to underline the ten most polluted beaches across England*, with Blackpool Central and Scarborough South Bay featuring among the worst affected.

Also on this list is Cullercoats Bay, a North Tyneside beach in the North-East of England, where Oceans organised the shoot of ‘The Polluted Mermaid,’ which featured the mythical sea creature washed ashore along with plastic bottles, waste and harmful chemicals.

The campaign reveals the harsh realities that human activity has on our oceans and the wider planet. Oceans hopes to drive better awareness of the conditions of our coastlines with the timely release of these images ahead of the live action Disney adaptation of The Little Mermaid, which launches in the UK this month.

Aligned with its Sky Ad Smart campaign message, ‘Nature’s had enough’, the stunt aims to encourage people to switch their everyday lifestyle habits and begin using household products that are more environmentally friendly.

Jordan Kelly, brand marketing manager at Oceans, said: “This campaign has been a long time coming and we’re delighted to have finally fulfilled our plan. We’re huge advocates of protecting marine life, and we felt this was an opportune time to get such a serious message across.

“At Oceans, we’ve made it our mission to create sustainable, affordable alternatives to often overlooked household essentials, including plastic free toilet roll and kitchen roll.

“Each person who joins us on this mission will help protect the marine life…even the mermaids!”

Jordan added: “Oceans is no stranger to being at the forefront of raising awareness of marine pollution, and this latest campaign is a breath of fresh air not only for the brand, but for the UK audience.

“Continued lack of ocean protection and ignorance will accelerate climate change beyond repair; and with The High Seas Treaty aiming to help place 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, this campaign has the potential to be an imaginative solution that truly makes a splash.”

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