I was born and bred in Whitehaven in West Cumbria. I went to university in Lincoln where I did a degree in journalism. My love of radio started when I was 14 when I started volunteering for hospital radio in Whitehaven. While at uni in Lincoln, I got involved with the local community radio station […]

Hello I’m the over excited guy that’s on Fridays from 7pm and Sundays from 12pm! For those that are interested (which is why you’re on this page presumably) here’s a bit about me! Born in Royal Lancaster Infirmary all the way back in 1995 makes me the grand old age of 22! I’ve grown up […]

How did I choose jazz? I don’t think I did. I think jazz chooses you. You just have to be ready for it! For me, it all started in the 70s on a camping holiday in North Wales, reading a book I couldn’t get into and with one ear on the radio. When on comes […]

Tim Rogers started his broadcasting career at Radio Trent, Nottingham, an in 1979 went on to also broadcast on Xtra AM in Birmingham and eventually was to be found on Gem Am in the East Midlands. He presented the National Country Show on the Classic Gold Network, (which included numerous broadcasts from Nashville’s WSM Radio,The […]

Richard Smith’s career in Hospital Radio began in his native Nottingham in 1985 with, funnily enough Nottingham Hospitals Radio. In his 6 years at the station in which time he became Deputy Station Director, Richard presented all sorts of programmes and was particularly proud of his contribution to the work of the sports ‘team’ at […]

Hi, I’m Paul Baker, I am a full-time DJ & Presenter. I have been in the entertainment industry since 1994 when I started my first mobile disco, catering for private functions such as weddings and birthday parties. One year later in 1995 it became my full-time job. In 1996, in addition to DJ’ing, I began […]

I originally started hospital radio way back in 1985 in a cupboard under the stairs in the old Kendal County Hospital! I was born in Lancashire ‘way back!’ and my father was a blacksmith who became a wrought iron specialist. We moved around quite a lot – I went to boarding school so that I […]

I was born in the Midlands back in 1958 and had a very happy childhood and adored my parents. I left school at 15 the last ones before the age was raised to 16. I remember the days when radio changed in 1967 from the light radio to radios 1 and 2 and local radio […]

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