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I’ve always been a believer in doing your best and for 3 hours a day that is what I try to do! Whether it is trying my best to get my words out or trying my best not to sing along to Ariana Grande while the mics are live!

I’ve always wanted to host a radio show and working at this station has already taught me so much.

My show looks at pop culture and current affairs, informing you of the shenanigans of the celebrity world in a daily Rundown feature. You’ll find quite a lot of nods to celebrity life in my show as well as the latest local information; from the roads you need to avoid to places to go if you’re stuck for something to do. Every day I also pick my Abbass Anthem which helps us all feel a bit more ready for the day ahead!

Join Luke Abbass every weekday morning from 10 on Bay Trust Radio.

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