Darren Tingle

Originally hailing from Surrey and followed a career path that seems to of covered most of the UK. Married to the long suffering Mrs.T Lynn) and two girls (Emma and Laura) I now find myself living and working on the Flyde coast.

I’ve always had a love of music but love anything from the late seventies and eighties (as believe it or not these were my teenage years). I also have a passion for anything soulful. My passion for music doesn’t just stop at BTR as most weekends you will find me as a party host and mobile DJ somewhere in the North West.

I’m often asked why I do a hospital radio show. I hope that I can bring a smile, evoke a memory or just get those toes a tapping to help you throughout your stay in hospital. That and the great music I get to play every weekday afternoon from 1 on Afternoon Delight!

Ambitions? I still have a big one left and that is to con my way on to a reality TV show as a very minor media celebrity from a radio station called Bay Trust Radio! After all, most of the celebrities used in these shows no one actually knows!!


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