Parish Poll on New Road, Kendal

Written by on 16/05/2018

Two Parish Meetings have been held on the subject of New Road at the request of 6 electorate of Kendal. These meetings proposed a number of questions for a Parish Poll which were submitted to the Returning Officer of South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) for determination.

One question has been deemed appropriate namely “Do you want SLDC to change/create/amend a by-law to enable free parking on new Road Common Land?”. As a result, a Parish Poll will be held on Thursday 24thMay to pose this question to the electorate of Kendal. All those eligible to vote can do so between 4-9pm at 9 polling stations around Kendal. The question will have a Yes or No response.

The outcome of the poll is not binding. The Town Council is required to pay for this Poll at an estimated cost of up to £12,000 which will ultimately be met by the tax payers of Kendal.

Further information about how the poll will work, including a list of polling stations, is available on the elections pages of the SLDC website.

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