Government cuts leading to police being stuck in the office instead of on the streets keeping us safe

Written by on 16/04/2018

Local MP Tim Farron has warned that police cuts are leading to police officers not being able to be on the street to keep us safe.

New figures have revealed that nearly 1 in 3 police office support staff have been cut since the decade began.

The Home Office figures also show that there has been a 10% drop in the number of police officers in Cumbria, while around 1 in 4 PCSOs in the county have been cut.

Tim said: “We’ve all been struck by the endless news coverage recently showing the surge in violent crime on Britain’s streets.

“Here in Cumbria, our local police officers do a fantastic job of keeping us all safe.

“But thanks to irresponsible spending cuts, far too many are having to deal with admin work, rather than being out in the communities, keeping us safe and staying in touch.

“That’s because one in three police office support staff have been axed.

“The Government need to stop ignoring the voices of senior police officers who are urging them to stop the cuts to Cumbria police, and instead start putting people’s safety first.”

Home Office figures on police numbers can be found here


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