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Covid infections continue to fall, as pandemic enters new phase

Written by on 10/02/2022

With the announcement this week by the Prime Minister that it is the Government’s intention to end all COVID-19 restrictions later this month, Cumbria’s Director of Public Health Colin Cox is warning that the pandemic is not yet over and that everyone can play a part in keeping their community safe.

Mr Cox said:

“We are very clearly in different phase of the pandemic; we have seen thousands and thousand of infections but thankfully for the overwhelming majority of people the symptoms have been mild. Again, this week the number of new infections has dropped, continuing the slow but steady decline we have been seeing.

“But covid isn’t going to go away, we currently have outbreaks in 80 schools and 75 adult social care settings, and there are still many people who are genuinely vulnerable to the virus. We do need to learn to live with covid, but we have to do so safely, remembering that covid is a much scarier prospect for some people than others and that there are simple things that we can do to help protect those who are vulnerable. It will continue to make sense to test regularly, especially before meeting people at higher risk, face masks remain a good idea in crowded spaces, simple hand-washing was always a good idea long before covid.

“I’d encourage people to think about what learning to live safely with covid means for them, their friends and family, and make sensible decisions about how we can continue to protect people and minimise the risk to people’s health. And remember, the rules haven’t changed yet!”

In the week ending 4 February 2022 new COVID-19 infections reduced by 21%, down to 3114 from 3948 the previous week. Rates in all districts are now below the England average.

The infection rate continues to be highest among primary school age children (1209 cases per 100,000, almost double the rate in the general population).

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