Maintaining a 24-hour radio service takes a fair bit of technology and configuration to deliver. In order to ensure our station remains on the air for the patients we’ve got a fairly impressive setup, most of which depends on technology. Below is some of the technology we’ve invested in to make Bay Trust Radio work and sound the way it does.

Studio 1 Mixing Desk: The heart of any studio is the mixing desk. We have an Axia iQ 8 mixer and an Axia QOR 16 Integrated Console engine in our studio data cabinet. This equipment was made possible by the Big Lottery Fund.

Studio 2 Mixing Desk: Allen & Heath XB-14-2 Compact Broadcast Mixer. The XB-14 is equipped with a wealth of features specifically for broadcasters, including telephone communication modules for telephone callers, microphone fader start sensing for external connection and internal automatic muting of the speaker outputs, stereo channel start/cue outputs for CD deck transport control, separate headphones mix & outputs for guests, an audition bus, and much more!

Audio: All our audio stored on our servers are in WAV 44.100Hz stereo PCM (Waveform Audio File) and are RMS Normalised (Root Mean Square).

Audio Processing: We use an Audessence ALPS-1 audio processor to make sure that the audio and speech is of the highest quality. This broadcast audio processor is suitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled.

Telephone System: We take a lot of calls at Bay Trust Radio. In fact, we have 5 incoming lines. 2 trust extensions, 1 direct line from Hospedia, a private line for volunteers and an IP line. To handle all these lines we have Cisco IP telephone system which manages our calls and allows calls from any of our lines. Calls can be picked up in the studios or office and sent directly to the desk for broadcast if required. All callers get our station output as their music on hold whilst waiting.

Servers: We use Apple Mac Mini servers to maintain our service our primary file server stores all the music and files for the play-out systems. These are replicated in real time so if we have a failure on one hard drive we can immediately switch to the other. We use parallels for mac to operate our Windows server.

Uninterruptible Power: Being in a hospital environment there are always things which can affect our power supply, generator tests or pre-planned maintenance for example. All essential equipment is maintained by UPS. These can keep the station running for at least 30 minutes with no power at all or until the main power is restored. All our UPS are fed by the hospital generator which means the equipment stays online the whole time.

Automation Automatic Play out: Being a small charity we can’t provide live programming 24 hours a day so when we’re not around we let the computer do it for us. We have invested in software from P Squared called Myriad. Myriad allows our programs to go out when we’re not there. We can tell the system exactly what we want to play or it’s even smart enough to pick the music for us based on rules we set.

Silence Detection: Sometimes things go wrong and if they do the station can fall silent. We use software to detect if there is silence for more than two minutes. If that happens an automated failsafe service will start playing and an email alert will be sent to various people to alert them of the fault. The email also contains screen shots of the automation playout system showing the last thing it was doing before it went silent.

R.O.T (Record of Transmission): We use Broadcast Radio Myriad v4 Powerlog which records all output and stores for 365 days in a mp3 file so in the event of a complaint we can supply a copy of the audio.

Live Assist: We don’t use records, CDs or Minidiscs at Bay Trust Radio. Our Myriad system provides us with what we call the ‘Audio wall’. This is a huge database of music, categorised by decade and searchable by numerous fields. If a patient phones the studio for a request, we can tell them if we have the song whilst they’re on the phone and it can be next song to come on the air.

Software: Our list of software is endless we use the very latest in broadcasting software from Broadcast Radio based in Hull. Myriad v4 play-out, Myriad v4 auto track pro, Myriad v4 local voice tracking, Myriad v4 remote voice tracking, Myriad v4 news capture, Myriad v4 news edit, Myriad v4 monitor, Myriad v4 powerlog, Myriad v4 OCP+ (online content processor) and Myriad v4 Anywhere.

Myriad Anywhere – Myriad Anywhere is a thin client for controlling our main Myriad system remotely over a low bandwidth connection (like a 3G data connection). Which we use for outside broadcasts.

News on the Hour: Listeners to Bay Trust Radio can keep up to date with national and international news courtesy of the Sky News service which we subscribe to. Sky News provide a 2-minute news bulletin on the hour, every hour. This is delivered to our studio live from London via a special satellite receiver and the automated system can bring the news in automatically when we’re not around.

Listen Online: Our service is primarily for the patients, staff and visitors of The Westmorland General Hospital & the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. The reason for making our programs available online so that patients of the hospital, some who had been in the hospital for a long time would enjoy our service but never had the opportunity to listen after they left the hospital. We now offer listeners the chance to take ‘Bay Trust Radio Home’ via a free media stream right here on our website or by downloading the free smartphone app. Of course, anyone else is very welcome to tune in and enjoy the service.

Listen on PC (staff): Hospital staff form a large part of our audience on a daily basis. Since 2010, we’ve offered staff working in the hospital the opportunity to listen to our service via their computer on an internal stream. Using the Trust’s internal network anyone inside the hospital with a set of speakers and a windows computer can tune into Bay Trust Radio click Corporate, then Facilities and click on our logo for the stream to start playing.

VPN (Virtual Private Network): To allow our volunteers access to our internal network and for outside broadcasts to work we have a fully secure VPN. This means that once dialed in, volunteer’s home computers appear as part of our internal network. They can then use our intranet, take remote control of our computers or perform other functions such as remote voice tracking without having to physically come to the studio.

Broadband: We use BT Business Infinity broadband, offering super-fast download speeds. This means that we offer the best speeds to our members while doing show prep and also so that they can connect to our VPN (Virtual Private Network) when working from home or when we are doing outside broadcasts back to the studio.

Barix Instreamer: This is what we have installed in Bay Trust Radio transmitting rack its an IP encoder with line level analog input (stereo), and it encodes in MP3.

Barix Exstreamer: We have this installed at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary which receives our audio over the IP this is then fed into the Hospedia system so that the listener can receive our broadcast.

Skype: We have the facility using Skype to interview guests over this technology which we can record into our Myriad system and use at a later date.

ipDTL: Another way that we can do ‘LIVE’ outside broadcasts is via ipDTL this is great when we have a large event that we need reporters out in the field.

Audio TX: When we do our broadcasting to our sister station Auckland Hospital Radio we use Audio TX this means the delay is very small all of 5 milliseconds so we can use it to do two-way broadcasting.

Comrex Access: We use Comrex Access to do live outside broadcasting in the studio we have a Comrex Access rack mount unit, a portable access unit and also a sip address so that smartphones can connect and broadcast breaking news live to air. This equipment was made possible by the Big Lottery Fund.

Comrex Access Mixer: We have added the mixer to give us more scope with outside broadcasts so now we can have 5 microphones going through the Comrex. This was made possible by the Cumbria Community Foundation- Holehird Fund.

V3X – Intelligent 3G Booster: The V3X Intelligent 3G Antenna is the ideal partner for any device that needs to stream audio or video using a 3G mobile connection. Using a patented intelligent multi-beam antenna array, V3X extends the range and throughput of a 3G mobile network’s data connectivity, bringing stable connection speeds of typically 2Mbps in most 3G locations without difficulty. Compared with the small aerials built into 3G dongles and PC cards, the V3X provides some 20dB additional gain with excellent stability. This equipment was made possible by the Big Lottery Fund.

Osprey 4G: We use this to get our outside broadcasts back to the studio when we are in an EE 4G area which has been used to bring the football commentaries from Kendal Town FC and Lancaster City.

Digital Signage: We are currently doing trial tests for the management of the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay regarding digital Signage once completed and approved by the trust the screens will be sited around all of the trust’s hospitals. We have a meeting with the UHMBT very soon to start rolling this project out in 2015 more to follow very soon!

App: The Bay Trust Radio app has been designed by Audiospace based in Leeds.
Available to 93% of the Smartphone market on iOS and Android. It boasts many features including Auto-play on App startup, Now Playing information, Email contact form to the studio, Submit photo function, Facebook and Twitter integration, In-app website browser.

Wireless Microphones: We have invested in a new wireless microphone system which will enable us to do more outside broadcasts. The equipment is a Chord QU4 Quad UHF Wireless System with 4 independent UHF channels. The receiver is 19″ rack-mountable and features 4 separate XLR outputs and we have 4 x wireless microphones and 2 x belt-pack transmitter with neckband microphone. The range is 60 meters.

IRig Pre: We have invested in 3 iRig Pre this will enable our members to go and record interviews or features the equipment fits the iPad, iPhone, Andriod devices and allows you to fit an XLR microphone into the unit to give quality recordings.

We pride ourselves on having the most sophisticated technology to keep Bay Trust Radio ahead of the competition and we are always keeping our eye on the ball for innovative products that will enhance the service we offer to the listener.